Best Low Budget Gaming Headset With Microphone


As of late I had been looking for a new gaming headset with not much luck. At first I thought i would take a chance on a really cheap £11.99 headset that seemed alright for the price and had decent enough reviews. How wrong I was. That almost put me off trying to find a good headset for a low price, but I took and chance and thought I would give cheap headsets one last chance and I ended up finding a real gem of a headset.


I came across a headset called Professional ArkarTech Gaming Headset and at a first glance it looked really nice. The price for this headset was only £20.99 which is very reasonable. After it arrived (Arrived the next day with free shipping!!) I was eager to try my new headset out. In the box it came with a very nice re-seal able bag in which the headset was inside.


My first remark was at how big they where, which is a great thing what with having a larger head and always having problems with headset’s not fitting over my ears and or head properly. Also I was very impressed at the quality of the cable, it seemed like the kind of cable that would be used to power a supercomputer. (slight sarcasm) But nonetheless i was extremely impressed and glad as I’ve had many problems with cables being too weak and fraying over the years. Next up I was excited to plug them in and see how they performed. After plugging them in they really shone (literally) and looked even cooler than before. The sound quality was absolutely superb and was blown away with it considering the price. Next up I wanted to see what the microphone quality was like on this headset so quickly went to listen to it in the audio panel and it sounded crisp. After that I went onto TeamSpeak to see what my friends would think of the quality, they where very impressed and when asked what they though they cost said “they much be around £50-60” and where blown away when I told them I had only payed £20.99.

So my conclusion is, you don’t need to spend way over budget on big brand names and fancy “features” just do a little bit of research and keep glued to those reviews and you could find yourself some amazing deals on some seriously under-rated (and in my opinion under priced) gaming accessories.

If you’re interested in buying this headset just click HERE or on the Amazon window below